Scalp pigmentation technique

The Tricopigmentation is a camouflage technique performed according to the specific client initial situation, facial features and expectations.
The technique consist in injecting microscopic deposits of pigment in the scalp tissue to optically reduce cleareness of a common hair loss, diffuse thinning or scar coverage. This method consist in simulating the hair bulb in order to achieve a perfect camouflage.
A specific dot technique and the natural “ash” color of the pigment will conceal all areas with hair deficit or general hair loss by simulating the hair bulb in the most natural way.

The Tricopigmentation is reversible, non-allergenic and bio-comopatibile thanks to the use of specific pigments studied and tested only for scalp tissue.
Tricopigmentation pigments are totally absorbable by the body towards our immune system.


The number of sessions performed during years postpone the fading.

The duration of the treatment and the number of sessions to be performed to reach the resulting effect depends on the individual immune system, skin regeneration, scalp tissue, habits and external factors.

The Tricopigmentation treatment is performed in three sessions:
1st and 2nd session in two days consequently
3rd session after 20-30 days from the date of the procedure

Treatment resulting effect evolution:
The treatment will remain stable in great condition for an average period of 6 months from last treatment session.
After 1 year from the last treatment session the result will be of about 60%.
Subsequently the resulting effect of the treatment will fade gradually until disappearing within a period of 2 years.
The range can change from Customer to Customer depending on immune system, skin regeneration, scalp tissue, habits and external factors (sun, U.V. exposure, saltiness, chlorine and more)

Being the Tricopigmentation a reabsorbable treatment it will require annual touch ups (generally one or two yearly) to ensure a constant result.
The operator will evaluate the annual number of treatment sessions according to treatment fading together with the Client.
Of great significance in order to reach a very natural and pleasant result is the hairline draw, treatment homogeneity and the harmony with existing hair.

There are several Tricopigmentation procedure implementation cases:
– Shaved Effect
– Density Effect
– Scar Camouflage
– Eyebrows and Beard

a. Tricopigmentation Shaved Effect

The tricopigmentation with shaved effect allow to recreate on a complete scalp the look “shaved” in the case of universal alopecia or common clearness cases.

-scalp reconstruction
-density improvement
-restore hairline shape
-shaved on medium lenght

b. Tricopigmentation Density Effect

The density effect permit to reach a good coverage even in the case of evident hair lengths.

-reduces transparency
-reduces dyscromia
-improve thickening
-release by hair camouflaging products

c. Tricopigmentation Scars camouflage

Scar camouflage due to hair transplantation surgery (FUE and STRIP) or injury.

-post surgery
-post accidental trauma
-restricts the pink effect

Scars are subject to operator evaluation.

General Tricopigmentation Features:

1 Is not painful – Tricopigmentation treatment in most cases is painless, does not require the use of local anesthetic creams unless following surgical procedures.

2 Three scheduled sessions – For a dense, uniform and homogeneous effect the sessions are scheduled in three.

3 A maximum of two hours duration each session. In case of alopecia areata or total time is variable.

4 Reversibility of the treatment. It will require annual touch ups.

5 The choice and experience background of the practitioner is the sole discretion of the user, Beauty Medical can guarantee the quality standard thanks to more than 1,000 cases handled and performed.

6 Use of specific equipment – Beauty Medical uses only Tricopigmentation equipment especifically designed, engineered and studiedspecifically for scalp tissue.


The Tricopigmentation technique is now recognized in world level especially in the field of hair restoration and surgery. It is now assumed that the two techniques not only can co-exist but can reach their maximum potential towards their synergy by providing quick results not traumatic as a integrative strategy to solve baldness.

The advantage of the technique consist in being both integrative and alternative.
Integrative means complementary technique to aesthetically complete hair transplant with tricopigmentation effects in order to increase the value of the resulting effect.
Surgeons offer Tricopigmentation as completion of hair transplant density, increasing the hair density given by the surgery in recipient area and as completion of hair transplant donor area, performing scar camouflage.
Alternative as a solution to all patients not suitable for hair transplant in cases such as insufficient donor area or patience economical difficulties.

Our company is the only one in the world to guarantee a training approved by the Italian Society of Trichology and scientific recognition from Italian Congresses of hair restoration surgery, in Rome, on May 27, 2012.
The world of surgery chose Beauty Medical and its technical director Milena Lardì for the background, reliability, feedbacks and high number of cases