prohairclinic tricopigmentazione

Micro hair Pigmentation at Prohairclinic

Prohairclinic is situated in Belgium and are worldwide known for being the pioneers of FUE hair transplantation in Europe. Offering full time FUE hair restoration services since 2004 makes Prohairclinic the most experienced FUE hair transplantation clinic in Europe.

Discovering Micro hair pigmentation

In 2012 an Italian patient came to Prohairclinic for FUE hair transplantation after he had Scalp micro Pigmentation done by Milena Lardi at the Beautymedical Centre in Milan.

After seeing the amazing result of Scalp micro pigmentation the idea of combining FUE hair transplantation and Micro hair pigmentation came about swiftly.


Trained by the best Micro Pigmentation specialist

Just 3 months after discovering Micro Pigmentation Prohairclinic contacted Beautymedical for a formal training in Scalp Micro Pigmentation. In November 2012 a 3 person delegation of Prohairclinic staff flew over to Milan and got an official training by Milena Lardi.

Continues training and development

Although Micro hair pigmentation seems easy, it is really a form of art that combines technical skills with designer talent. Drawing perfect hairlines does not come new to Prohairclinic since they are using it daily at their Hair transplantation clinic.
Milena Lardi came over to Belgium a couple of months after the initial training to check on the progress made by her newly trained. Prohairclinic officially introduced Micro hair pigmentation in combination with FUE hair transplantation in 2013. Again Prohairclinic has been the innovator by being the first clinic in Europe to offer both Scalp Micro Pigmentation and FUE Hair transplantation.

Advanced SMP technology

Early 2014 Milena Lardi visited Prohairclinic in Belgium once more. This time round she introduced a completely revised mechanical and software system.
Specifically designed software in combination with a brand new and patented SMP needle have been in use since early 2014. The new equipment gives a lot more control to the SMP specialist, and thus helps to create virtually undetectable results again and again.

Prohairclinic leading Scalp Micro Pigmentation clinic in Western Europe
In Just 2 years Prohairclinic has become the leading clinic for Scalp Micro Hair Pigmentation. Clients from Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, UK are finding superior service at Prohairclinic and travel hundreds or thousands of kilometers to find the Most experienced Scalp Micro Pigmentation institute in Western Europe.