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Tricopigmentation needles

When people tale about needles (and especially about Tricopigmentation needles), we usually think about long and sharp tools designed to sew or to jab.
Also in the Micro and Tricopigmentation field we talk about needles.

However they are special needlesthat are used to insert a specific pigment into the skin.
This cannot be done by any needle.
This aspect is even more important when we talk about Tricopigmentation.

aghi tricopigmentazione

Tricopigmentation needles and scalp

We have stated many times that the skin of the scalp is unique.
This skin has to defend the scalp and act as a sort of “pillow” and that’s why it is thick and rich in adipose tissue.
When carrying out a Tricopigmentation treatment it is important not to forget this feature because the result of the treatment is linked to it.

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Of course all tools and products used to carry out such an important work were specifically developed for Tricopigmentationand also the needles are developed to punch the skin without causing damages, thus inoculating a specific amount of pigment.

aghi da tricopigmentazione e scalpo rasato

The diameter of the Tricopigmentation needle is the same we see when we look at a shaved hair.

The tip, as we said, is aimed at creating a hole in the skin while the body of the needle releases through friction always the same amount of pigment at the same depth (superficial dermis).

That’s why the tip of the needle is smooth while the body rough.

This roughness is obtained in the laboratory by using acids that attack the needle and create a specific porosity.

These small details lead to great difference in the result.

I hope this article about Tricopigmentation needles can be useful to you,

Milena Lardì.

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