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Tricopigmentation Dermograph, Sanitary hygienic system.

The tricograph is the specific handpiece for tricopigmentation.

It is composed from internal gears that regulate the run of the needle, outgoing and ingoing. The sanitary hygienic system establishes that the needle has a specific conformation in the coupling part with the dermograph in order to screen it from any contamination of the pigment used for the treatment.

In this picture we can see how the dermograph gears, those in charge in controlling the needle run, work.


However, the dermograph can be contaminated if the operator exceeds in charging the color and mistakes in dosing the quantity of pigment inside the capsule. If the quantity of pigment is too much, it can go beyond the barrier between the needle and the dermograph and dive into the gears, since it is fluid.

The continued entrance of pigment will contaminate the dermograph, that cannot be cleaned in autoclave, and damage the gears. Moreover, it will come into contact with all the other patients and the operator himself.


Difference between a wrongly used dermograph (on the felt) and a correctly used one (on the right). If too much pigment is charged the tollerance level will be transpassed and the fluid will dive into the gears, damaging the handpiece and corrupting its right functioning.


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