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The courses offered during the 2022 are exclusively individual.

Our Tricopigmentation course is a full time intensive course of 4 days which can take place at Beauty Medical or at your structure.

The first two days of training will be focused on theoretical aspects and customized according to the candidate’s actual knowledge, background and preparation.




The theoretical modules during the first two days of course are:

Module A: Introduction to Tricopigmentation,
Module B: The equipment,
Module C: Tricopigmentation and dots positioning,
Module D: duration, post-treatment products and prices.

During the last two days Milena Lardì will be the candidate’s personal tutor and will be systematically monitoring the practice on synthetic skin and on a real model (client).

The model will be provided by our company.

How is the Tricopigmentation final exam? The treatment on the real patient represents the final part of the exam. It will be carried out in two sessions in two consecutive days as defined by Milena Lardì’s protocol.

The practice on a real model represents the final step to become a Tricopigmentation practitioner since it is essential to become familiar with the technique and our instrumentation.


The fundamental aspects to ensure success in all Tricopigmentation procedures are:

– Guaranteed protocol with thousands of cases
– Specific device (Tricotronik Machine)
– Needles and pigments specifically designed for the scalp skin.

Beauty Medical offers advanced training courses with the purchase of Tricotronik and equipment designed by Milena Lardì, which are necessary to carry out Tricopigmentation following her protocol.

The price for an individual training with Milena Lardì amounts to 3.600,00 Euros VAT excluded (4 days full time).
The price for the Tricopigmentation machine and equipment amounts to 3.800,00 Euro VAT excluded.

The total price amounts to € 7,400.00 excluding VAT.

Beauty Medical usually offers the discount formula which includes:
– Training with Milena Lardì,
– Tricopigmentation equipment,
– Prepack of products to carry out 40 sessions

The cost amounts to 10.000 euro + VAT (22%).

The price of the Expert English translator amounts to 800,00€ plus 22% VAT and includes 4 full days of tricopigmentation translation

The price for each additional trained technician is 1.000€ + VAT.

It is possible to purchase only the Tricopigmentation machine and equipment without training. It is not possible to follow the training and Beauty Medical system without purchasing the machine and equipment.

Beauty Medical does not recognize or guarantee as professionally trained practitioner a technician who doesn’t follow the training, although in possession of the Tricotronik.


A) Is it possible to learn how to perform Tricopigmentation in just four-day time?

The four-day course is individual, this means that for eight (8) hours per day (32 hours in total) your teacher, Milena Lardì, will be fully available and able to perceive your strengths and weaknesses and to adapt the course according to your background and preparation. A collective course that lasts twenty days could seem longer, however, it does not mean that it can be considered the best solution in terms of quality and learning. If six people participate to the collective course, Milena would focus on six candidates and not just on you.

B) CanI follow the training with my micropigmentation machine?

Milena Lardì’s technique and protocol, which are taught during the training, can be performed only with specific equipments, needles and pigments specifically designed and tested to work on the scalp tissue.

C) Can I book one or two extra days to practice more individually?

Extra practice can be carried out both on synthetic skin and on a model (selected by the candidate), the practice is individual and it will be planned with the teacher. The cost for a full practice day amounts to 500,00 Euro per day.

D)May I have the opportunity to observe a professional technician while he is performing a treatment?

Assisting a professional technician is part of the training protocol offered by Beauty Medical. It is always possible to observe a practitioner during a treatment prior agreement with the personnel. This is possible just for current students and already qualified practitioners.

  • What is Tricopigmentation
  • Differences between Tricopigmentation and Tattooing
  • Differences between Tricopigmentation and Micropigmentation
  • Chemical and Physical pigment composition
  • The immune system
  • Micronization process
  • Pigments (encapsulating, covering and filtering process)
  • Equipment
  • Trico Skin Care Machine Base
  • Tricograph
  • Mixer
  • Needles: Tricoinjector
  • Tricograph manoeuvres
  • Pigments, recognizing codes, ranges
  • Norwood scale
  • Baldness and Tricopigmentation
  • Alopecia: Universalis and Areata
  • Alopecia Barbae
  • Female eyebrows arch reconstruction
  • Male eyebrows arch reconstruction
  • Placing of hair follicles during the 1st session
  • Placing of hair follicles during the 2nd session
  • Density Effect: technique and dots positioning
  • Practice on silicone skin
  • Shaved Effect: technique and dots positioning
  • Practice on silicone skin
  • Tricopigmentation integrated to Hair Transplant (complementary techniques)
  • Scars and Tricopigmentation
  • Scar comouflages: technique and dots positioning
  • Laces and Tricopigmentation
  • Treatment duration
  • Yearly touch-ups
  • Memorandum post treatment care
  • Post treatment products
  • Cabin costs
  • Consultation: Treatment evaluation and prices

Practical Modules

The last two training days will be held by our supervisal technician and will be totally focused on the practical aspects.
The two practical days will be focused on exercising the technique first of all on masks and silicone skin and afterwards on a real model.
The model will be your first client and he will be selected from the Beauty Medical database, in case the candidate does not have a model yet. The model will be treated as a Beauty Medical client during future treatments and touch-ups.

The practice on models consists in 1 complete treatment (shaved or density effect):

1st day – 1st treatment session
2nd day – 2nd treatment session

After 30 days – 3rd treatment session (a Beauty Medical practitioner will complete the procedure)
In case the training is held at the candidate’s clinic and/or location it will be necessary to find a local model who will undergo the procedure and a proper location for the treatment.