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Contattaci: 0245548548

Only number to call to fix tricpogmentation appointments in Bologna: 02-45548548

Milena Lardì’s tricopigmentation is available also in Bologna, thanks to a new project that has been developed with the usual care and attention of Beauty Medical protocol.

tricopigmentazione bologna
In the picture Augusto Mirko di Lascio, official technician of Beauty Medical in Bologna.


The venue in Bologna is called “TRICOMALLIA” SRL and is located at the following address: via Ronzani 7/39, Casalecchio di Reno (BO), 40033.

The technician is Mirko Augusto Di Lascio, who has a decennial experience in the field of aesthetics.

The location is easy to reach by car and with public transport, that make Bologna a crucial city in the field of Italian tricpigmentation branded by Milena Lardì.

The structure in Bologna is perfect for those who live in Emilia Romagna or near there.


The amis of Bologna tricopigmentation venue

Our aim is to create tricopigmentation centres all over Italy in order to minimize the movements of our clients, but still offering the highest possible quality standards imposed by Milena Lardì’s protocol.

You can check Tricomallià website at the following

If you want to fix a consultation for tricpigmentation in Milan, Rome and Bologna you can send an email to the address of the company, that is, or you can call the number 02-45548548 or the mobile number 392-9822972. 

If you want to fix an appointment for tricpigmentation in Bologna you can call our headquarter in Milan at the following number: +39 02 45548548 or write an email to
Another way to contact us is by using the online form in the sidebar on the right of this page.


For further information about the costs of tricpigmentation check the page:

For further information about the clinic that hosts tricopigmentation in Bologna you can check the page:

For any question you can directly call us at the numbers above or send an email both to or