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Shaved effect tricopigmentation: 3 areas, high Norwood

Here below is another shaved effect tricopigmentation performed on three almost bald areas. As usual, the study of the hairline is essential to rebuild the face features in order to obtain a natural result.


Parameters to rebuild the scalp drawing

Behind the drawing created to rebuild the frontal hairline there must be a specific study implemented by the technician. In fact, there are many face proportions parameters which need to be taken into consideration. In order to outline and give an idea of what these parameters are as well as what kind of work the operator must perform, we can refer to the first parameter that is applied while starting drawing the hairline. This is a necessary rule to find the starting point for the whole drawing, that is the central point of the hairline.

The parameter we are referring to in this situation is one of the many face proportion golden rules established by Leonardo da Vinci. He asked himself what characteristics human beings found attractive in a face and then wrote down a long list parameters that, in his opinion, characterized a perfect face. The rule in which the tricopigmentist is interested while deciding on the starting point for the scalp drawing is the one of the “three noses”.  According to Leonardo da Vinci there are three noses in a perfect face. This means that the vertical length of the nose must be found identical three times in the face: from the chin to the lower end of the nose, from there to the upper end of the nose and, finally, from the start of the forehead above the nose to the central point of the hairline. Therefore and in order to find this point one must take the length of the nose and carry it on to the forehead. In doing so, the central point which can be lower or higher depending on the face, can be found and from there it is possible to start drawing the rest of the scalp.

In which cases does this rule apply?

In some cases it may be true that the central point of the frontal line is still spotted by the presence of some hair, which maybe very thin but are still present. In cases of post-transplant tricopigmentation the point is already evident due to the placement of the hair in the frontal area created by the surgeon who studies the proportions and draws the frontal line where the hair will be grafted. In these two cases, the choice which makes sense the most is to follow the position of the natural hair or of the line chosen by the patient together with the surgeon.

Leonardo’s rule come in handy in cases of total absence of hair in the frontal area, namely the cases of total alopecia or particularly severe androgenetic alpopecia.