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This was not an easy case.
The situation of this client was rather compromised due to the androgenetic alopecia that hit him at a very young age and which reduced his hair significantly.

In cases of diffuse hair loss (Norwood 6-7) Stefano, Beauty Medical’s Customer Manager, suggests that the treatment be carried out by Alessandro Lardì, Milena Lardì’s brother, expert Tricopigmentation technician and GoldenEye Senior Teacher of Permanent Makeup in Lombardy.

Thanks to Alessandro’s artistic skills (he is a Tricopigmentation and Micropigmentacion technician as well as a tattoo artist) it was possible to recreate a very natural-looking hair line.


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In these photos you can observe the “flower shaped” hairline, a winning choice both in case of Tricopigmentation and of hair transplant.

Alessandro has had the opportunity to work with worldwide famous surgeons like Vincenzo Gambino and Piero Tesauro and learned from them all the secrets to obtaining a natural result.

Shaved effect tricopigmentation – Before

Tricopigmentazione Ruben Effetto rasato

Shaved effect tricopigmentation Before-After

Tricopigmentazione PRE Post RUBEN

Shaved effect tricopigmentation – After

Tricopigmentazione ruben post

Shaved effect tricopigmentation – After

Tricopigmentazione ruben post 1