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The client’s initial coverage wasn’t high. He wanted his hairline to look as natural as possible and the aim of the treatment was to camouflage the thinning of the hair, especially on the vertex.
Because of his requests we decided that Alessandro Lardì was the most suitable technician to take this case since he is specialized in natural, soft and gradual treatments.

Alessandro has had the opportunity to work with worldwide famous surgeons such as Piero Tesauro and Vincenzo Gambino (2014 ISHRS President), to understand how the pigment reacts once injected into the most superficial layer of the dermis and to develop his own working method.

The main aspect to take into account is the social impact on the patient after the treatment. This is the reason why it is sometimes better to work gradually (at times even adding a fourth session).


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After collaborating with the above mentioned surgeons and discussing with Stefano, Alessandro developed the system of the “flower-shaped” hairline.

Here below are some photos of this treatment.
Massimo also opened a discussion on the most important Italian hair loss forum, Bellicapelli, to warmly thank the staff at Beauty Medical.




prepost tricopigmentazione


post tricopigmentazione1
post tricopigmentazione2
post tricopigmentazione3