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Is it possible for me to undergo a Tricopigmentation treatment with long hair?
I’m not willing to shave yet and I think I won’t do it for a while. Is there a solution for a quick fix in the meantime?

Yes, we can carry out a density effect Tricopigmentation treatment to reduce transparencies and therefore hair loss.


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To the question: “Can Tricopigmentation be performed in my case?
I’m losing my hair on the vertex and would like to find a solution to optically reduce the hair thinning…”
We can answer that yes, this treatment may be the best solution, provided that the expectations of the patient correspond as much as possible to the real result we can obtain.
Density effect Tricopigmentation is similar to shaved effect Tricopigmentation only with a larger amount of pigment and more dots.

During the second, third and fourth sessions the dots of the previous sessions act like a basis and “expand” thus creating a uniform and even surface. The following sessions will create a sort of 3D effect, since the new dots will simulate the hair regrowth.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the coverage this treatment offers is not the same offered by Keratin microfibers (powders) like toppik or k-max. This can be observed in the following photos.

The patient should therefore be aware of the fact that Tricopigmentation doesn’t provide him with actual volume.
Despite this, a density effect treatment can be a great solution to obtain thicker-looking hair.

Density effect Tricopigmentation is semi-permanent, it lasts about 6 months and then requires a touch up.

It is by no means an invasive treatment, it is painfree and looks natural.

In case you wish to switch to a shaved effect you must wait at least six months for the pigment to be fully absorbed.


foto pre trattamento tricopigmentazione effetto densità


foto durante trattamento tricopigmentazione effetto densita'
foto durante trattamento tricopigmentazione effetto densita'


foto dopo trattamento tricopigmentazione effetto densità
foto dopo trattamento tricopigmentazione effetto densita'
foto dopo trattamento tricopigmentazione effetto densità