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Good morning everyone,

this is a new case posted on the forum:

Hello guys! After opening the medical record around a year ago, I decided to undergo a shaved effect tricopigmentation.
I have always been a toppik user (at will!) and as time went by, I became its slave! My life was not a life anymore, most of you will understand me… just as an example: I haven’t been swimming in the sea for over 10 years!!!
Tired of this situation (which also caused me many relational problems) and after a thorough research on the forum followed by 3 consultations with Stefano, I put on a brave face and I decided to “try” it (I was so afraid to make a mistake that the night before the treatment I did not sleep at all).
Eventually and personally, this choice has proved to be a winning one… Nobody noticed anything and my life really changed… Now I am a FREE person and I do not have to give up on anything because of my hair!!! Now I only miss the approval of the other sex even if my female friends have already told me that I look very good ?
I want to thank Milena and Stefano because they helped me through my change and made something possible that until a few months ago I thought to be impossible. Now I can say that thanks to the great job that was done this technique allows me to face my everyday life happy and carefree!!! Thank you again and see you in a few months!!!
Today I will be sending Stefano the photos with my face uncovered.
A nice day to you all!