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Case of a tricopigmentation treatment performed in Bologna by Augusto Mirko Di Lascio (from Bellicapelli forum):

About a year ago I decided to face my hair loss problem and to underwent a shaved effect tricopigmentation. I should tell you that the time required to achieve the final desired result may vary from person to person since the different types of skin react differently to the pigment (as it should). Personally I had to undergo some extra sessions to achieve my tricopigmentation goal (which unfortunately cost me quite a lot since I had to travel to Bologna every time) but I can assure you that once completed, the effect looks great and truly realistic! A due “thank you” goes to Beauty Medical in general and especially to Mr. Augusto Mirko Di Lascio who is the official technician in Bologna! He understood my needs and allowed me to achieve the result I desired thanks to his patience and professionalism.