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Is tricopigmentation a reversible treatment? How long after the treatment will I have to come back for a maintenance session? Will I be in good conditions a few months after the treatment or will I have to return to fix it?
Those are the typical questions that we are asked by our clients when they are really worried about the hypothetical excessive reversibility of the treatment. We want to underline that the reversible aspect of the treatment should not be seen as an obligation to come back many times but as a freedom for the client to choose what he wants to look like in the immediate future, in the medium run and in the long one.
As we have seen already the reversibility of the treatment comes with many positive aspects which we will be explaining in other posts on this blog, such as:
– freedom of choice
– the result remaining perfect over time
– the possibility of the so-called 3D effect
– the possibility to always improve the technologies
– very limited cases of poor aesthetical results
– revision of the treatment after a possibile whitening of the hair.
Definitive treatment would not have all these positive aspects and we want to remind you that a definitive tricopigmentation treatment is be similar to a tattoo, meaning that:
– it is indelible
– irreversible
– it can deteriorate
– that no medical protocol is applied.
This is why Beauty Medical only offers absorbable treatments.
The images below show how the discoloration is natural and gradual over the course of several months in this kind of treatment and how it is usually not strictly necessary to perform the treatment again in order to bring the result back to its optimal condition.
The man who underwent the treatment used to wear a prosthesis and wanted to get rid of it because of the demanding maintenance that it required. The skin was in optimal conditions even though he used an old generation wig and the coverage level obtained is really impressive. From the very first treatment we were able to obtain a good coverage which then became perfect with the following treatments.
Stefano even suggested to our client to think about a visit to the dermatologist in order to improve his image even more with a pharmacological therapy.
The result will be showed soon.