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In the photos below you can see the result of a permanent eyebrow make-up treatment performed with our electro-medical equipment to correct a microblading treatment previously carried out at another facility by a non-Beauty Medical operator.

The treatment was performed using the hair effect technique. This allows us to reconstruct and shape the eyebrows to look natural, using only those hairs in the ends that seem to be in all respects real hair, positioned where and how it is needed. Thanks to this treatment, our model’s look is much more defined and harmoniously framed.

The execution of this type of treatment requires the technician to put specific skills into practice, both technical and aesthetic. A complete mastery of these skills makes it possible to combine flawless execution on a technical level together with the equally essential artistic taste.

As mentioned, the treatment was performed with electromedical equipment equipped with a specific dermograph which in turn mounts a specific needle. It is therefore referred to as a mechanical technique, as opposed to manual techniques such as microblading. The principle behind these two procedures is the same, that of depositing a certain amount of pigment within the surface layer of the dermis in order to redraw and fill in the eyebrows. The main difference between these techniques, however, lies in the different instrumentation used. Microblading is, in fact, a manual technique which involves the use of a pen-shaped instrument equipped with a sort of blade, which in turn is made up of many small needles. It is easy to understand how dermopigmentation with electromedical equipment is much simpler and safer to perform; while in the case of microblading it is the technician’s hand that establishes the depth at which the pigment will eventually settle, this depth is already pre-set when using the mechanical equipment. This allows the technician to work safely without risking getting too deep under the skin. It is therefore a guarantee of safety for both the customer and the operator.

In the case in question, the permanent make-up to the eyebrows did not provide for the total reconstruction of the eyebrow arch since the natural hairs were already partially present (in addition to the work previously performed). In this case the work was mainly that of filling and delineating but with this technique it is possible and safe to go and redesign both eyebrows from scratch (if they are not visible or not visible enough) following the proportion parameters of the face.