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New case of Tricopigmentation treatment performed by Milena Lardì at the Milan office on leo_88, user of the Bellicapelli forum.

Below is the comment he left on the forum after the third session.


“Hello everybody,

I’m a 29 year-old guy, former hair prosthesis user for about 10 years as I am almost completely bald in the upper area of the scalp.

Last year, as I was growing tired of the usual maintenance, itching, anxiety to get uncovered, etc. and while surfing on the internet I discovered tricopigmentation and immediately understood that it was a most efficient way, even perhaps the only possible one, to remove the hair piece.

I immediately contacted Beauty Medical in Milan because I saw on the web the outstanding results achieved by Milena as well as her expertise /professionalism.

The treatment is perform in two sessions of about an hour and a half each in two consecutive days. It is not painful at all and paradoxically after the prosthesis it was enjoyable to feel something on the skin 🙂 The redness lasts for about 2 days. The third session which took place a month later was very easy, it lasted 30 minutes and caused very little redness.

At first, removing the prosthesis seemed to be a psychologically insurmountable obstacle but thanks to tricopigmentation it truly becomes easier. What other people perceive is that you shaved your head. Moreover and since it is not a well-know procedure yet, nobody will ever guess it was done.

I strongly recommend Beauty Medical. Both Milena and Stefano are helpful people and pay a great deal of attention to their clients as they know perfectly well that the first part is very delicate and sensitive. Moreover, the treatment performed is really extraordinary and realistic-looking.

Now that I left everything behind I feel great and I would never go back. Below are my photos :)”


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