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Here is a full high density tricopigmentation treatment on 3 areas (hairline, midscalp and crown). The result was obtained in the course of 3 tricopigmentation sessions: the first two in two consecutive days and the third one after a month.

A shaved effect tricopigmentation on Norwood 6 case

The man in the picture presented an initial situation of Norwood 6 with a significant thinning on the whole upper part of the scalp. Stage 6 is characterized by an almost total emptying of the upper area of the scalp and by a strong miniaturization of the hair in that same area. In this case and as can be observed from the pictures, miniaturization was spread and the dysplasia level was substantial. Thanks to tricopigmentation it was possible to effectively camouflage these problems by drawing a more definite hairline and by filling in all areas which appeared empty.

Which elements play a role in the coverage level that can be reached with tricopigmentation?

The coverage level that was possible to achieve in this case is particularly high thanks to the good starting conditions. In fact, this man still had some indigenous hair on the treated area. Sometimes, like in this case for example, the presence of a good amount of hair allows to reach a more substantial coverage level. The results which can be obtained also depend on many other aspects such as the thickness of the hair in the donor area and the conditions of the parietals. The main goal always remains to balance a good coverage level with the essential naturalness. For this reason it is necessary to evaluate every single specific case in order to choose the most effective and most appropriate approach for each patient’s unique situation. It is then possible to draw perfect dots that will naturally blend in with the real hair without creating unnatural differences or patches.