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Dr. Sanusi Umar was born and graduated in Nigeria. He then completed an internship at a hospital in Namibia and moved to the US where he trained in dermatology at UCLA, Los Angeles as well as at New York University. Thanks to all his research in the field of infectious diseases he was invited to present the International AIDS Conference in Geneva. His decision to dedicate himself to the world of hair transplantation derived from a personal experience: he underwent a hair transplantation surgery but was not at all satisfied with the result. His goal was to find a solution to help other people who found themselves in the same situation. He dedicated over two years to the study and design of more successful tools in order to perform less invasive FUE procedures. His studies led him to the creation of the UGraft procedure which requires no scalpel, stitches or strip surgery. Furthermore, this procedure also allows to use body hair (BHT- Body Hair Transplant) thus increasing the amount of transplantable hair.