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In the following pictures it is possible to observe the results of a density effect tricopigmentation performed on medium/long hair.

Filling of the hairline and of the vertex with density effect in 4 sessions

The starting situation of this patient saw the areas of the front and of the vertex pretty thinned. At the end of the tricopigmentation treatment these specific areas are significantly fuller and more covered. Optically, the tricopigmentation treatment makes the skin color behind the natural hair less visible. By doing so the transparency due to the thinning of the hair is effectively hidden. In this case the chromatic difference between the color of the hair and of the skin was particularly high, given the dark tone of the natural hair. Thanks to tricopigmentation, the chromatic difference has decreased significantly. The difference is noticeably substantial thanks to the “pre” and “post” comparative pictures.

To achieve this result, 4 sessions of tricopigmentation were necessary. Usually a density effect tricopigmentation treatment is performed in the course of 3 sessions. The first 2 in 2 days in a row and the third one a month later. It is necessary that an entire month pass by between the second and the third session so that the skin has a chance to heal completely and a full cellular turnover can take place. This way it is possible to gradually add dots where necessary, granting a high coverage level without risking to create overlappings or patches. The sessions took place following this standard procedure and a fourth touch-up session was then scheduled two weeks after the third one. Thanks to this gradual process it became possible to reach the coverage level that the patient wished. The first maintenance session for this patient was scheduled 6 months after the last session.

Can I substitute Toppik with a density effect?

The goal of this type of treatment is to give more coverage where it is missing and where the thinning out of the hair is starting to become visible. Since this is a 2-dimensional treatment, the results that can be obtained are optical and aim to make the head look fuller even though, and for obvious reasons, it is impossible to add any actual volume. It is important to keep this aspect very clearly in mind when deciding to undergo a density effect tricopigmentation treatment. If you expect a result like the one granted by keratin fibres, one that actually increases volume by anchoring to the indigenous hair on the head, it is necessary to change your expectations. On the other hand, tricopigmentation lasts much longer and does not require daily worries, allowing the patient to live his everyday life more serenely.