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From Bellicapelli forum:


Good evening, I am 39 years old and last August, after wondering a lot about how to solve my hair loss problem, I decided to undergo a shaved effect tricopigmentation in Bologna with Mirko. I hope my experience to be helpful to someone out there.
A short premise: I have never really realized that I was losing my hair but it just slowly got thinner and thinner, grew frizzy and I found myself at 30 years old with a bald spot on the vertex so I had to shave it all for it to look decent.
About 5 years ago I started following the Forum and I tried to use Toppik but the results have been very bad. I seriously considered taking Finasteride but was afraid of the possible side effects and gave up on the idea. I then read on the forum about a user who cut his body hairs and miniaturized them before setting them on the head using hairspray. This solution has proved to work well on me as the result was very natural but of course the whole process ended up being pretty complicated.
I could not go on like that so I decided to undergo a shaved effect tricopigmentation in Bologna. I chose Bologna both for logistical reasons and because I had seen some tricopigmentation treatments performed by Mirko.
I was lucky because the day of my treatment Stefano was in Bologna too and helped me choose the hairline design. I was a bit nervous but Mirko’s calm and confidence immediately put me at ease.
In my case, 6 sessions were necessary in order to obtain a satisfying result. Tricopigmentation has its limits, for example the lack of three-dimensionality and the fact the under direct light it does not look great, but I was aware of it all beforehand and I am therefore very happy with the achieved result. Today I am not a slave to the DIY solution anymore.

I would also like to be advised about two matters.

I currently shave my hair at 2mm. On the vertex I have many vellus hair, mostly white. My question is: if I dye it, can I improve the coverage level?
Also, I am thinking about undergoing a hair transplant to improve the overall effect of the tricopigmentation. I have already contacted Dr. Serkan for a potential FUE surgery. He gave me a positive feedback but my donor area only has a maximum of 2500 follicular units to offer. What do you think? Would it be a good idea?

I thank all the users of the forum with all my heart for all the indications they have given me through the years, especially Stefano and Mirko for their kindness and for being such exemplary professionals.


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