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A more challenging skin to work with

In the pictures you can take a look at a typical shaved effect tricopigmentation case. This result was achieved after 5 sessions meaning that 2 extra sessions were required in addition to the usual 3. In fact, in this case the skin of the patient showed to be particularly hard to work with and it was necessary to perform 5 sessions in total to achieve the desired coverage, that is the medium/high density visible in the photos.

The first three sessions were performed following the standard timings: the first two in two days in a row and the third one after one month. As far as the additional sessions are concerned, the fourth one was scheduled a month after the third and the fifth one another month later. We always guarantee the best possible result by balancing coverage and naturalness.

The “widow peak” as a starting point

In this case, the patient showed a pretty severe hair loss which involved almost the whole upper scalp where the miniaturization level was substantial. However, the hair loss did not affect a small amount of hair located in the so-called “widow peak” in the frontal area. This expression refers to the lowest peak of the frontal hairline, the point where the two symmetrical halves of the hairline meet creating a sharper or less sharp V.

In this case, the visible presence of hair in the area of the peak played the role of a starting point to rebuild the rest of the frontal hairline that was otherwise missing. Starting from that point and following the parameters of face proportion, the technician rebuilt and gave a new definition to the lost hairline. He then proceeded to treat and fill in the remaining two areas (mid scalp and crown). The final result that was possible to achieve thanks to this method is at the same time natural and definite.