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Permanent Tricopigmentation

Do Milena Lardìand Beauty Medical staff carry out permanent tricopigmentation?

NO, and here we’ll explain why.

Permanent Tricopigmentation, as well as temporary Tricopigmentation, is an aesthetic technique that involves the injection of a pigment into the skin in order to improve hair density.

As it happens in temporary Tricopigmentation, the tools used to carry out a permanent Tricopigmentation are able to transfer this powders in the superficial layer of the dermis.

The main difference between the two techniques lays in the different duration of the coverage and in the way the treatment will changeover the years.

At Beauty Medical we firmly believe that temporary Tricopigmentation is the best solution for several reasons:

  • The morphological changeof a person is the main reason. A hairline that is suitable to a 30-year-old boy won’t look natural on a 60-year-old man.
  • The hair turns whiteamong men (starting from the age 30-35) and among women (from 35-40). In case you carry out a Tricopigmentation treatment and the hair turns white, it will be necessary to dye the hair very often or to remove the pigment using a laser q-switched.
  • Permanent Tricopigmentation doesn’t allow the patient to change his look. It is impossible to erase it in a natural way. Laser sessions are necessary and often very invasive and expensive.
  • Permanent Tricopigmentation does not look good and technically perfect foreversince our skin is always changing and regenerating and it’s impossible for the pigment to remain the same.
  • Permanent Tricopigmentation doesn’t fade, however it requires recurring touch-ups to be maintained.

Have you ever had a look at a tattoo after 10 or 15 years?
The lines and the dots get wide and the color changes.

Although our “content” is perfect → Pigment.
Our “container” is not perfect → Skin.

When our skin changes…

also its shape, elasticity and everything it contains change.

Does it really worth it?


To have more information about Permanent and Semipermanent Tricopigmentation, read this article on the platform Blogcalvizie:

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