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 Since 2019 we have been developing a protocol for permanent tricopigmentation. Do you want to know more?

Tricopigmentation is a method aimed at simulating the presence of hair by depositing micro pigments in the areas of the scalp skin affected by baldness. There are two versions of this treatment, the temporary one and the permanent one.

  • Temporary tricopigmentation requires one or more maintenance sessions per year and is reversible. This means that you have a choice to keep it up by undergoing touch-up sessions or you can let it naturally fade and eventually disappear.
  • The permanent treatment requires a maintenance session every 5 years or so but never completely goes away. In other words and in order to maintain a pleasant appearance, you will have to undergo occasional touch-up sessions for the rest of your life. Alternatively, if you change your mind and wish to eliminate a permanent tricopigmentation treatment, you will have to submit to laser sessions.

To date, Beauty Medical has only offered the temporary version of this treatment for a long series of reasons ranging from the greater freedom of choice that the latter guarantees to the awareness that a permanent treatment cannot remain perfect forever.


Why Beauty Medical has also chosen to perform permanent tricopigmentation

Despite the above and given the growing demand, Beauty Medical has undertaken to develop a special pigment allowing permanent tricopigmentation to be performed while minimizing the problems related to this method. It took 5 years of testing and refinements to achieve.


The advantages of permanent tricopigmentation

Permanent tricopigmentation is able to meet the needs of those who are 100% sure of the look they will want to keep for the rest of their lives and who therefore decide to opt for a definitive and irreversible treatment. In these cases, permanent tricopigmentation is in fact the most practical solution: once the initial sessions completed and the desired result achieved, it will be years before you have to worry about maintenance.

In the long run, in addition to the greater practicality, another advantage of permanent tricopigmentation is economical. Despite having a higher initial cost, a permanent treatment ends up being less expensive if we consider a long period of time (over decades), since fewer touch-up sessions are necessary. To give you a clear example, we simulated the cost of a temporary tricopigmentation on 3 areas of the scalp compared to that of a permanent tricopigmentation in a 10-year horizon.


Comparison between the cost of a temporary and permanent tricopigmentation over a 10-year period, values expressed in €.

The analysis of the graph shows that temporary tricopigmentation is cheaper for the first 8 years, due to the higher initial investment required for permanent tricopigmentation. Subsequently, we note a trend reversal.

Obviously, the discussion changes radically if, for any reason, those who have chosen permanent tricopigmentation end up having to undergo laser sessions. In this case, the total expense associated with the choice of a permanent treatment and its subsequent removal increases significantly.

The limits of permanent tricopigmentation

Many interested patients see the permanent version of tricopigmentation as a perfect and definitive solution to their baldness, but this option has its disadvantages. First of all, even with a permanent treatment it is necessary to undergo, even if only occasionally, maintenance sessions. Furthermore, the main limitation of a permanent tricopigmentation treatment is its inevitable changes in color and the loss of definition of the micro deposits.

These transformations are largely due to the fact that the pigment is inserted into the skin which is a living and continuously regenerating tissue. This characteristic is intrinsic to the epithelial tissue and cannot be modified or circumvented in any way. However, thanks to the studies carried out and the enormous experience in the sector, Beauty Medical has developed a pigment that reduces as much as possible the occurrence of the aforementioned aesthetic contraindications.

We have already mentioned the fact that permanent tricopigmentation requires a substantial initial investment and that should you wish to have it removed, the expenses for the laser sessions, on top of it being painful, have to be taken into account as well.


A choice that MUST be informed

The choice to undergo a permanent tricopigmentation remains a decision to be taken only when properly informed of the possible evolutions of the treatment and when one is absolutely certain to want to maintain a certain appearance forever and is therefore willing to accept all the potential issues associated with the treatment. Beauty Medical remains available to provide all the necessary technical information and to advise each patient individually regarding their specific situation. A personalized professional consultation is certainly a great way to clarify your ideas and make a truly well-informed choice.


Laser as a last resort

Finally, keep in mind that if you want to remove a permanent tricopigmentation there is always the option of undergoing laser sessions. After all, even if you feel very secure about your choice now, you could always change your mind at some point…

Resorting to laser is undoubtedly an inconvenient solution from many points of view (high costs, the need for many sessions, the pain involved, etc.) and therefore should only be considered a last resort if you find yourself wanting to change looks or are no longer satisfied with the quality of the result. The possibility of undergoing laser sessions must in no way influence you to choose a permanent tricopigmentation hastily and without proper consideration.