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Blog Calvizie, a blog about hair loss

Goodmorning everybody,

Today we will try to help you choose what to read. Very often we are asked about a blog that can be easy to refer to and that can give you the right information without being too technical. blog calvizie.itdeals with many themes, from hair loss to hair transplant, tricopigmentation, drug therapies against alopecia and other pathologies.

The blog is written in a simple wayand by entering this link can choose the right article according to what you are interested in. Using the right sidebar you can switch from one category to another or use the bottom “search” inserting the keyword you want to focus on. Example: if you type “Interview to Milena Lardì” you can find the answers to the questions I was asked.

What can I use Blog Calvizie for?

A blog is an independent communication tool where you can find amateur or professional articles about hair transplant, tricopigmentation and drug therapies.

Here linkyou can find an interview where we analyzed different details about Milena Lardì, her curriculum vitae, her career, her ability to be trusted by the most important hair transplant surgeons in the world thanks to her hard work.

blog calvizie perdita di capelli

Following are the questions asked in this interview for Blog Calvizie:

a) Why did you develop the Tricopigmentation technique?
b) What is the story of the technique?
c) What are the strength of Tricopigmentation?
d) Why do you think permanent Tricopigmentation is not a good idea?
e) How is a Tricopigmentation treatment carried out? How many sessions are necessary?
f) How many maintenance sessions are necessary to maintain the final result?

Here can read all the answers to these questions and many more details about Milena Lardì’s career.

We want to thank again the administrators of Blog Calvizie, of Bellicapelliforumand all the other forums and social medias who support us and try to explain to the target public that Tricopigmentation can be a complementary technique to surgery or even an alternative in case a hair transplant is not possible.

Thank you for visiting the blog.

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