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3D Tricopigmentation, let’s be clear

3D Tricopigmentation

The word Tricopigmentation is very often associated with the word 3D.
3D Tricopigmentation? Does this mean that Tricopigmentation will give you volume?

Of course Not!

We are maybe the only ones who want to describe this concept in order to make it finally clear.
According to us, the concept of 3D effect is often misused.

The term 3D refers in reality to the optical illusion of tridimensionality it is possible to obtain thanks to an absorbable treatment.

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As we explained in another post, in order to maintain the final result obtained with the first 3/4 sessions, since the pigment we use is temporary, it is necessary to undergo some maintenance sessions a year.

What happens to the pigment when it disappears?

We can see what happens by clicking here. QUI–> Tricopigmentazione Reversibile

When the pigment starts fading, it creates a sort of optical basis.
All the following treatments will be carried out over the existing basis.
The previous dot therefore creates a basis where the technician will place the new ones.

This process creates the so called tridimensional effect.

The optical density won’t therefore be given by the single dot but by the totality of dots. By clicking here you can see the result you can obtain: QUI–> Galleria Immagini Tricopigmentazione.

Let’s go back to our main focus.
With 3D Tricopigmentation do you “attach” hair?
Will my hair grow back thanks to this technique?
Will I be able to feel some hair with my hand?


The answer is NO!

The treatment is bi-dimensional but it’s a work of art and if developed correctly it can offer a realistic tridimensional effect.

We want to thank Rogora Danielafor the 3D Renders she offered Beauty Medical.
Visit her website:

I hope my explanation can be useful to you.
In the next article we’ll deal with how the facial features of a person can be changed thanks to Tricopigmentation.

Thank you.

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